Have you ever bailed during a musical theatre routine on stage because your T-bars are too slippery? Remember that time you over-rosined your pointe shoes and now the soles are covered in an unbreakable slippery black layer of death? Are you still fighting with balancing in your delcos in centre adage because your shoes just wont stop sliding all over the floor?

Us three. The struggle is real.

Thankfully, there’s a solution for all of us. Shoe brushes.

Shoe brushes can be used on:

  • Latin & Ballroom shoes (Ladies’ & Gents’)
  • Pointe Shoes
  • Delcos
  • Ballet flat shoes
  • Any other suede-sole shoe

How do they work?

Our Sansha shoe brushes are constructed with robust metal ‘teeth’ which are used to roughen and re-texture suede and similar surfaces to increase the amount of friction between your shoe and the floor. Essentially, they are used to re-vitalise the soles of your dance shoes.

Simply rake the teeth of the brush over the surface in contact with the floor until it becomes lightly scored and is rough to the touch. Repeat this action in different directions for maximum effect. Make sure this is done over a dustbin as the process does give off a few suede filings. Be extra careful to ensure that the brush does not scrape along the leather, satin, or canvas exterior of the shoe as this will severely damage the structure.

When should you use them?

  • Whenever shoes are coated in a layer of dirt that causes them to be slippery
  • When the ‘grip’ of your shoe has been worn down into a smooth compact surface
  • Before a performance
  • Before an exam

Care of your shoe brush:

To ensure maximum life of your shoe brush, make sure you don’t ‘dig’ the teeth into your shoe – rather scrape the brush across with gentle pressure applied. With too much force, the teeth can be pulled out of shape.

After brushing, be sure to use a soft, fine-toothed hairbrush to gently swipe remaining fibres out of the brush teeth. Alternatively use an old toothbrush.

When storing the brush, always check that the leather cover is in place over the teeth to prevent unwanted catching on clothes and bags.


A shoe brush is a recommended must-have to ensure safe floor-contact, and also to extend the life of your shoes. Get yours today in-store while stocks last.