Sometimes our leotards leave us earlier than we’d like.
Here are 5 simple and easy-to-follow tips that will help you get the best out of your dancewear:


–  Always be sure of sizing. Over-stretching a leotard will put excessive strain on seams and fabric fibres which increases the chances of spontaneous rips and tears. Make sure you have full range of motion and feel unrestricted in dancewear before purchasing.

–  Always handwash where possible. This preserves the mechanical structure of the various clothing fibres which keep our garments looking sleek and vibrant.

–  Avoid hot water wherever possible. We recommend washing dance garments at around 20 C to avoid any degredation of the elastane fibres which keep your leotards firm but stretchy.

–  Use only gentle detergents. Aggressive chemicals tend to cause rapid fading and sometimes even discolouration. Strong detergents can also affect the lifespan of elastic components in your dancewear.

–  Wash frequently. We don’t recommend wearing the same garment for days on end. When your body’s natural oils and odors build up and dry into a garment, they require more force to remove which can in turn damage the item.


Got any advice you’d like to share which you’ve found prolongs the life of your garments? Feel free to pop a comment below with your reccomendations!