Simple (and not-so simple) hacks to stop feeling like you’re dancing on a sheet of ice:

Dampen Them

We’re not saying you should dip your whole shoe in a tiny bath every time you want to dance in them (please don’t do this), but adding a little moisture to the platform of your pointe shoe can make the world of difference. Whether you’ve got darning, suede tips, or just exposed satin on your shoe platform, some added dampness will do a lot to increase the traction between you and the floor.

If you want to try this method, we suggest using a sponge or cloth to gently dampen the platform of your shoes. Too much moisture will disfigure them and can lead to increased risk of slipping.

Some dancers even use liquids like sodas or fruit juice too – always be sure to check with your teacher if they’re happy for you to make use of these methods, as residue can cause studio floors to dirty faster.


Attach Suede Tips

Many Pointe Shoe manufacturers sell at least on model of shoe that can be purchased with Suede Tips pre-attached to the platform of the shoe. Suede tips can also be fixed onto satin-tipped shoes, but this is ideally done before any wear and tear occurs in order to ensure uniformity and effective adhesion.


Darn Them

Darning describes lining the corners of the shoe platform with a thick thread or string. The roughened texture of the string used provides a much more secure grip with the floor than bare satin does. Darning also assists in prolonging the integrity of the box of your shoes as it acts like a dampener between you and the floor.

Darning can also be engineered to assist a dancer to push more over their platform, or be pulled back slightly. Depending on the gradient of the darning, it can also be used to redistribute the point of balance toward or away from the big toe.


Remove The Satin

This sounds counter-intuitive, but the layers of paste and fibres under the satin are a lot rougher and will provide much more friction between your shoe and the floor. This will, however, slightly decrease the lifespan of your shoes as it is essentially removing a component of its overall structure.


If you aren’t sure which option is right for you – or if any at all – then we suggest consulting your teacher or a Pointe Shoe Professional. Be advised that any mechanical alteration to your shoes has the potential to change how they feel and may affect their lifespan.