What are the basic ballet items you will need to get when either you or your little one starts ballet? Each studio will differ slightly in terms of the exact uniform specifications, however, there is general list of things you will need for your ballet class.


The dance teacher will most likely provide you with a uniform list or at least a class colour, but these are the key items:


  • Tank or cap-sleeve leotard 
  • A matching skirt 
  • Pink ballet pumps (the teacher may specify whether they prefer leather or canvas shoes ( or satin if there is a show/exam coming up). 
  • Pink tights
  • Hair accessories ( for a neat ballet bun, you will need to make sure you have a hair tie and pins to be able to secure your hair out of your face)
  • Tight pink or black jersey for the winter


  • A Tight-fitting white t-shirt 
  • Black leggings ( or shorts in the summer)  
  • A pair of black  (or white if specified) ballet shoes 
  • White socks


For adults, there is more flexibility with what you wear, although some studios might still have a preferred uniform. Most teachers will be happy with anything you can move in without restriction that is still tight fitting so they can see your body clearly to be able to give corrections.


  • A leotard
  • A skirt 
  • Or yoga pants with a tight top. 
  • Ballet shoes (most adults prefer the canvas as it is softer and also machine washable ) However the choice of material and colour is up to you (unless your teacher has specified differently). 
  • Once again, air tied back away from the face is advisable for safety so that you can see where you are going, but also so that the teachers can se how much you’re enjoying class!


The uniform of tights and a t-shirt doesn’t change much, except that you get to choose your colours!

  • A Tight-fitting t-shirt 
  • Leggings ( or shorts in the summer)  
  • A pair of black  (or white if specified) ballet shoes 
  • A dancebelt (jockstrap)

In your Ballet Bag

  • Water, because staying hydrated is important
  • Towel (if you’re a sweater;)
  • Theraband to warm up those feet and ankles before class

If you’re doing a show or exam, the following are also essential:

  • Extra hair tie and pins
  • Spare tights
  • La Pebra
  • Make-up
  • Small first-aid kit including plasters 
  • Small sewing kit including safety pins